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Egyptian Evening Theme

Indulge your senses in the exotic mystique of Egypt. This theme evening comes with Egyptian-flavored decor complete with Arabian tents and belly dance performances by some of the finest artistes around. The cuisine follows suite with succulent roasts and choice Mediterranean dishes, and our DJ's selection of popular Arabic dance music is sure to keep you moving late into the night.

On arrival
Guests will be received by hostesses dressed in Arabic attire, serving Arabic tea / Tequila shots.
Face Painters & the hostesses will dress up guests with the Arabic head-gear & painted beards.

Egyptian pillars of varying heights through which the guests will enter the function area. The pillars will have hieroglyphics carved and will be of typical ancient Egyptian architecture.

Egyptian styled Pots and Vases & cutouts of Camels & Pyramids will be placed around the function area & aptly lit up with our smart lighting. Incense Urns, life size statues of Mummies, Egyptian Dancers, High Priests, Gods and Goddesses will be placed around the function area for added effect.
Egyptian - style pillars will adorn the sides of the stage with the Company logo / Sphinx as the backdrop.
The periphery of the venue will have Arabic tents with low seating & Hookhas with flavoured tobacco.
The tents will be highlighted with rope / rice lights.

The live band will start the evening with easy listening music and transgress into Retro, Goa'n & Indipop.
A compere would be given a pre-planned script for the evening.
A belly dancer will enthrall the guests with 3 performances during the evening.
Wendell Grey, the Limbo artiste will do a 30 minute performance during the evening..

Flow of Event

  • Evening starts with the live band playing soft music, whilst guests get seated and their first drinks..
  • The compere welcomes guests reminding them of the Face painters & Bandanas.
  • Band increases the tempo of the music, backed with coercing from the Compere.
  • Belly dancer takes the dance floor with some sensual performances.
  • Wendell Grey performance, leading on to dinner.
  • Evening continues with band switching on to Indipop, Arabic and commercial dance music..
  • DJ takes over ..

Band : Crimson Tide / Purple Rain / Ventures. DJ Vernon.
Sound : 2 + 2 Columns (Bins + Tops)
Lighting : Ambience - 24 Par, Stage & Dancefloor - 16 Par, 4 Moving Heads, 4 Colour Labs.
Dancer : An international Belly dancer with 3 performances.
Limbo : Wendell to do a 30 Minute Performance.
Staging : Band Stage (20 X 16) & Dancefloor (24 X 20)
Extras : Arabic Head-gear, Tequila Hostesses to welcome guests, face painters,

Venue Requirements:
Theme costing Rs.1,50,000/-
Generator (10 KVA)Rs.10,000/-
Fireworks (Optional) - Rs. 12,000/- to Rs. 35,000/-



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